Una Reunión en la playa 1: el 20 y 21 de octubre

Meta de hoy: Become familiar with vocab from the unit

Para empezar:
1. Hay el paquete nuevo y una hoja en el chromecart
2. Necesitamos los chromes más tarde- don't log in- just set them aside
3. Lee la lista (pg 1 y 2) y escribe una estrella en las cinco palabras que piensas que son las más difíciles

En la clase hoy...
1. La Reunión de Ron y Hermoine (graded listening activity)
2. Leemos juntos
3. Uno dos tres
4. Hablamos con el vocabulario
5. Quizlet Live (Playa, Familia)

Preparación de la clase (work you must do to be prepared for next class):
pg 3 in Reunión en la playa packet
Hints: playero does not mean "player"- it's an adjective- "voleibol playero" is beach volleyball
parientes is relatives, not parents
parecerse is a verb meaning to look alike or seem alike

Acampar 12: el 18 y 19 de octubre

Para empezar:
1. Sit approximately where you sit but if you ask a lot of questions during a test, sit in the front
2. Please put all personal belongings on the back table, under the back table or on the sides of the classroom (window sill/shelves) to keep it off the floor so if I'm walking around to answer a question, I don't trip.
3. Please SILENCE or TURN OFF all cellphones.
4. Place anything you wish to do should you finish early under your chair. (ex: book to read, homework for another class, something to study for another test, cellphone with headphones for music)
5. If you need to use bathroom (or if you will need to use the bathroom), let Miss Clegg know you're here for attendance and then go quickly. Once the test starts, you cannot leave unless you are done.

En la clase hoy...
Camping Test

Preparación de la clase (work you must do to be prepared for next class):
Essay must be submitted by Wednesday October 19 4 pm

Acampar 11: el 14 y 17 de octubre

Meta de hoy: Repasamos para el examen

Para empezar:
Vamos a reunirnos en el West lab.

En la clase hoy...
2. Hablamos del examen (powerpoint with more specifics)
  • Listening section (5 questions with paragraph of Spanish info per question repeated twice)
  • Vocab sections (pick one that doesn't belong, matching beginning/end of sentences, match definitions with vocab)
  • Reading sections (read ads/paragraph with MC)
  • Preterit section (10 sentences with fill in the blank with correct form of preterit verb given)
  • Writing section (read advertisement for hostel and write letter to a friend to convince them to stay in that hostel using facts from the ad in Spanish)
3. Review worksheets
4. Suerte Review

Acampar 10: el 11 y 13 de octubre

Meta de hoy: Final essay revisions!

Para empezar:
1. Toma una hoja de Battleship del chromecart (Necesitas A o B- no los dos)
2. Usa pg 9 para llenarla (Pista: bolded verbs are irregular verbs)

En la clase hoy...
1. Repasamos Battleship
2. Hablamos del speaking (powerpoint)
3. Jugamos Battleship
4. Essay: details & reasons (powerpoint)
5. Essay: grammar edits (folder with grammar files)
5. Participation

Preparación de la clase (work you must do to be prepared for next class):
Speaking for camping test will be done next class! Watch ONLINE VOICE RECORDER tutorial so that you know how to do it!

¿Te gusta acampar? ¿Por qué?

You will have to speak for 30 seconds about camping to respond the questions above. You may talk about a recent camping or hotel experience that made you decide if you like camping or not. You will not have anything in front of you for this speaking. So practice talking in Spanish about camping for 30 seconds. GRADING is 5 points on your test.

30 seconds continuous speech          yes (2 pts)                              no (1 pt)
 Responded to question                       very detailed (3 pts)            some detail (2 pts)               little detail (1 pt)   no (0 pts

Acampar 9: el 6 y 7 de octubre

Meta de hoy: Practicing The Preterit

Para empezar:
Tomen diez minutos para corregir y terminar Sentence Race comprehension questions. (See folder for your file)

En la clase hoy...
1. Essays: Organization (powerpoint)
2. Grammar sentences to submit (See folder for your file)
3. STOP preterit
4. Participation

Preparación de la clase (work you must do to be prepared for next class):
-Practice for your preterit mini-quiz next class: Videos & practice links can be found by CLICKING  HERE
Regulars: escalar, montar
Box 2: pagar, buscar 
Box 3: dormir, divertirse, conseguir, mentir
Box 4: ir, ver
Box 5: hacer, andar
Box 6: oír, leer
Box 7: decir, reducir, traer, conducir

Acampar 8: el 4 y 5 de octubre

Meta de hoy: Practice and review the preterit

Para empezar:
1. Saca los chromes y el calendario nuevo y inicia sesión
2. Trate de entender este meme:

En la clase hoy...
1. Pocoyo (videoquizito)
2. Pensamos Juntos
3. Corrida de frases (folder)
4. Preguntas en el cuento
5. Participation

Preparación de la clase (work you must do to be prepared for next class):
There is a graded assignment on classroom. It is due by Thursday 8:00 am (AC classes) and Friday 8:00 am (BD classes).
Write 5 original sentences using the preterit tense to tell me things you did this past weekend or over the summer. Make sure you use 5 different verbs and your sentences have 8 Spanish words or more in them.

Acampar 7: el 29 y 30 de septiembre

Meta de hoy: Begin reviewing the preterit

Para empezar:
1. Count up your September cheques! (cheques valen uno y estrellas valen cinco)
2. Finish your self-evaluation on the back- circle where you think you were for the month of September! Be honest- if you've never used Spanish to talk to me or talk to your friends in class, you can't circle "always true" and I haven't heard that many of you using Spanish.
3. Hand it to Miss Clegg and then get your papers out of the class bin & pick up your chrome

En la clase hoy...
1. ESSAY editing
  • Fix article facts (You need to have three stamps on the paper total. If you don't have three, you received half credit for something. If it says see me/redo/please finish/correct, you need to do that.)
  • Add at least 2 comparatives into your essay
  • Add at least 2 facts from the articles
  • If you finish early, study for your quiz!
2. Quiz de vocab (graded)
3. Comparative sentence corrections (if you choose)
4. Self-Guided Preterit Review: Your questions answered





Preparación de la clase (work you must do to be prepared for next class):
Spend 30 minutes this weekend practicing these preterits and listening to my videos that answer your questions. Be prepared to once again pick your top 3 preterit things that are still a struggle for you. You will have a preterit quiz next week.

Acampar 6: el 27 y 28 de septiembre

Meta de hoy: Practice more with the vocab

Para empezar:
1. Submit your preterit questions to classroom
2. Haz pg 3 D

En la clase hoy...
1. Fire drill procedure
2. Readings pg 4 & 5 (practice for vocab quiz next class)
3. battleship
4. connect 4
5. Vocab quizito practice

Preparación de la clase (work you must do to be prepared for next class):
Study for your vocab quiz (Quizlet for vocab practice)
MUST submit at least one attempt at this quizito.

Acampar 5: el 23 y 26 de septiembre

Meta de hoy: Be able to read another article and gather information to help your essay

Para empezar:
1. Saca los chromes para más tarde Y la hoja de papel del chromecart.
2. Tienen 15 minutos para examinar Article 2This article has advantages of camping and disadvantages of camping. If you want to go camping- you can look in the advantages of camping (ventajas). But if you want to stay in a hotel, you should look in the disadvantages (desventajas). You want to find THREE quotes that you understand and can use with your own words or comments. 

En la clase hoy...
1. Comparative Sentences (40 points graded on grammatical correctness - Classroom)
  • The ING is a thing in English a lot, in Spanish it's not. They use the infinitive to refer to the action of "hiking" or "swimming"
  • Rock climbing and mountain climbing use the same word.
  • Hiking would be either a Spanish 3 word (dar una caminata) or a Spanish 4 word (hacer una excursión).
  • Expensive is car@
  • Map is el mapa
  • I use the @ sign on vocab lists to represent the o/a that happens on adjectives because the @ sign has both an o and an a. So espantos@ means that it can be espantoso, espantosa, espantosos, espantosas.
         When you are done, TURN IN & then practice with the vocab using the vocab quizlet

2. Hablamos del vocab quiz

  • 40 points
  • Listening section (put pictures in order)
  • Reading section (read small paragraph story with short answer questions)
  • Vocab section (fill in the blank story with word bank)
3. Fichas de vocab
4. Conecta las 4 con el vocabulario

Preparación de la clase (work you must do to be prepared for next class):
Watch this Preterit video and on a piece of paper (to be handed in) write down 3 questions/areas of concern/clarifications you still need on the preterit.

Acampar 4: el 21 y 22 de septiembre

Meta de hoy: Everyone can type accents on Chromes & we will perfect comparatives.

Para empezar:
1. Saca los chromes y incia sesión y después ponlo al lado
2. Después toma una hoja de papel de la mesa al fondo de la clase. Escoge (pick) un papel que te gusta mucho, que representa tu personalidad.

En la clase hoy...
1. Special Paper Lesson
2. Repasamos pg 7
3. Chrome Lección: Classroom & Spanish Keyboard
4. Escribir a máquina los ensayos preliminares

Preparación de la clase (work you must do to be prepared for next class):
On separate sheet of paper DOUBLE SPACED, write 5 sentences using comparatives on pg 6 that you could add into your essay on Acampar vs Hotel. Look at the vocab and notes on pg 6 to write your 5 original sentences that you could add into your essay to help you prove which is best. (Miss Clegg will be collecting these to read/correct for you. Please be neat and double space.)